Bay Shore Park, an amusement grove and small resort in eastern Baltimore County, opened Aug. 11, 1906. For the next four decades, day trippers boarded streetcars and watched the rowhouses disappear. Soon there would be a glimpse of water as the trolleys rolled across a series of bridges. The rails ended at a wooden pavilion, one of several park structures constructed along the Chesapeake Bay in the Edgemere-Fort Howard section.

The park had a hotel – it mainly served as a restaurant – bowling alleys, a dance pavilion, games midway and miniature railroad. There was also a beach, bath house and  swimming. A long pier extended into the bay.

The park closed in 1947 when the Bethlehem Steel Co. bought the place for an industrial expansion that never happened. Vegetation and trees overtook the promenades.

Today the place is open again as part of the 1,300-acre North Point State Park. The old trolley station somehow survived and has been extensively repaired. So has the park fountain. The old pier was solidly constructed despite a battering from storms, including Tropical Storm Isabel in 2003. Repair work is now coming to completion on it. Look for a pier reopening later this year.