Karen Miller, who works at a downtown Baltimore law firm, sent me information on her father, Paul James Mancuso, a Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. meter reader who died Feb. 16 of this year.

In a peacetime incident,  the USS Hobson and the Wasp collided  off the Atlantic Coast on April 26, 1952. Mr. Mancuso was one of 61 survivors of the incident.

News stories said that  176 men perished that night.

“My dad was the only survivor from Baltimore.  I recently found the old Baltimore Sun newspaper articles among my dad’s belongings,” she said.  

“My dad was a humble man who never spoke of that night so long ago.  I knew he kept these articles along with the telegram to my grandmother, his oil-soaked wallet, and even the watch he was wearing with the exact time he went into the water.  I am reaching out to share this little tidbit of information,” she said.

He was a good swimmer who lived on Southeast Baltimore’s Lakewood Avenue. He learned to swim in the Baltimore harbor.

“You you would think he might have stayed off the water but he loved to go on cruises with my mother,” she said.

She is looking for other Hobson survivors.