(Weyman Swagger, Baltimore Sun photo)

Enjoying the sweet-and-sour treat known in Baltimore as the lemon stick has been a FlowerMart tradition as long as anyone can remember.

So, apparently, has the tradition of photographing people enjoying their lemon sticks with the Washington Monument in the background. Weyman Swagger’s above photograph from the 1970 FlowerMart is one of our favorites. You can’t see the lemon at all — trust us, it’s there — but we love how the lemon stick is on a slightly different angle than the monument.

image(Ellis J. Malashuk, Baltimore Sun photo)

Ellis Malashuk’s photograph from the 1957 FlowerMart also plays with the parallel tilt of the peppermint stick and the monument. And the pattern of the subject’s blouse subtly echoes the slightly variegated marble in the monument.


(William L Laforce Jr., Baltimore Sun Photo)

One of the few lemon-stick enjoying subjects we can identify, Laurie Jacobson was photographed at the 1968 FlowerMart by William L Laforce Jr.

(Albert D. Cochran, Baltimore Sun photo)

Sometimes, as in Albert D. Cochran’s 1960 photograph of a young girl enjoying a lemon stick at FlowerMart, the Washington Monument was just looming in the background, a familiar presence on the square.

image (Ellis J. Malashuk, Baltimore Sun photo)

This, of course, is not the Washington Monument in Ellis Malashuk’s photo from 1951. It’s the granite base of the Roger Taney statue, one of the statues that has long graced Mount Vernon Place and Washington Place. 

At this year’s FlowerMart, which is May 2 and 3, these other statues might have to stand in as backdrops for lemon stick photographs.

The Washington Monument is currently obscured by scaffolding, part of a $5 million renovation project that’s scheduled for completion in July 2015. 

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