The 1963 Maryland Hunt Cup helped bring a horse named Jay Trump into international prominence. On that April 27 afternoon, as some 15,000 spectators filled the Worthington Valley, Crompton “Tommy” Smith Jr. broke a course speed record. His mount, Jay Trump, would go on to win the same race in 1964 and again in 1966. In 1965, he won England’s Grand National.

Jay Trump was not the favorite that day. Baltimore Sun sports reporters mentioned his rival, Mountain Dew, and another jumper named Sir George.

“Some in the crowd got almost as much exercise as the horses as the spectators scooted from the paddock immediately before the race and then ran back and forth in an effort to keep up with the progress of the horses,” The Sun’s account said.

The crowd assembled around lunchtime. People carried picnic lunches and portable furniture. “One group decorated their picnic table with a silver candelabra,” the paper’s report said.

Jay Trump was born in 1957 and lived until 1988. His rider, Crompton Smith, died in 2013 in Baltimore County. The Sun said that Smith selected Jay Trump as a jumper after the horse suffered an injury at Charles Town during his first year of racing.