Jim Palmer (aka Cakes), left, and Mike Flanagan (aka Flanny) likely smiling over an O’s win. (William Hotz, Baltimore Sun file photo, 1979)

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Nicknames are a sure sign of endearment. And we Baltimoreans certainly love our Birds. So it’s of little surprise that there are a slew of O’s players through the ages whom we’ve labeled with nicknames (or they came with their own).

So we’ve searched The Baltimore Sun’s expansive photo archive and here present some 40-plus Orioles players’ photographs with their nicknames.

Take a look at our list. And if you have any insight as to where some of the names came from, let us know. Or add suggestions for players/names we foolishly forgot. And go O’s, hon.


John Lowenstein (aka Brother Low) grabbing a bite. (Irving H. Phillips, Baltimore Sun file photo, 1979)

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