imageEating lunch in the Poly cafeteria, ca.1938. (Baltimore Sun photo)

We love these 1938 photographs of students eating lunch in the Poly and Western school cafeterias.

But we couldn’t find a published article associated with these or other similar photographs, which are stamped with various dates — mostly June 9, 1938, but sometimes Sept. 6, 1938.

The caption information, written on the reverse of the photos, is mostly meager, too — “Studying while chewing an apple in the Poly cafeteria” or “Eating lunch in the Western School Cafeteria.”

So, we can’t be completely sure that these images are from typical days at Poly, which was then on Calvert Street and North Avenue, and Western, which was then located on Gwynns Falls Parkway, in what is now Douglass High School.

Eating lunch in Western High cafeteria, ca.1938. (Baltimore Sun photo)

imageDrinking milk at lunch time in Poly cafeteria, ca.1938. (Baltimore Sun photo)

The milk bottles are something. Does anyone know when schools switched over to using cartons? We’d love to hear from you. (And if you’ve got retro fashion photos of your own, we’d love to see those too.)


Putting the finishing touches on a bowl of soup in Poly school cafeteria,  ca.1938. (Baltimore Sun photo)

There are photos in the Sun archives that portray scenes in school cafeterias. Sometimes, the photos accompanied stories about nutritional or budgetary concerns, but sometimes, they were just glimpses of student life. We love looking at them, and we’ll publish some of those in the coming weeks, too.