It was 100 years ago today that a pretty good baseball player named George Herman Ruth Jr. got signed to a contract with the Baltimore Orioles.

Ruth’s playing had initially caught the attention of Washington Senators pitcher Joe Engel, who mentioned the impressive young player to Jack Dunn, owner of the then-minor league Baltimore Orioles. Dunn would sign Ruth, a pitcher, to a baseball contract on Feb. 14, 1914.

Soon George Herman Ruth earned his nickname of “Babe” as teammates would refer to him as owner Jack Dunn’s newest babe.

On Feb. 15, 1914, the Baltimore Sun ran a modest blurb about the Feb. 14 (the previous day’s) signing of Babe Ruth to the Orioles. The full page with the article (entitled “Dunn Now Trying to Bolster Club”) is at the top of the page. And a close-up of the article is just below. Click on either the full page or the article for a closer look.


-Lori Sears  (