In 1899, the Great Arctic Outbreak struck Baltimore, blanketing the city with 15.4 inches of snow. The entire season saw 51 inches of snow, a record that lasted until a recorded 62.5 inches in 1996. The city’s largest single snowstorm came in February 2003, which saw 28.2 inches over four days. (Baltimore Sun photo, 1899)

1635: Boston Latin School was founded, making it the first secondary school in North America.

1962: Ashford Farms, a government-owned estate on the Choptank River near Bellevue and Oxford in Talbot County, was confirmed as the hideout of Francis Gary Powers. The American U-2 spy pilot was released from imprisonment in Russia just days earlier.

1980: The Fonz — also known as actor Henry Winkler — donated the brown leather jacket he wore on ABC’s “Happy Days” to the Smithsonian. “There’s no way to be so overly sophisticated and so cool as to not be touched by this event,” he said.

1996: The rock musical “Rent,” by Jonathan Larson, opened off-Broadway.

2005: Ray Charles’ final album, “Genius Loves Company,” won eight Grammy awards.

Compiled by Laura Lefavor and Paul McCardell.