Man eats sandwich at outdoor restaurant at Broadway and Fleet. (Baltimore Sun Photo, Richard Childress, August 5, 1965)

Richard Childress’ photo ran inside the Aug. 5 edition of the Baltimore Sun with the caption “A man finishes his midnight snack sandwich at an outdoor diner near Broadway and Fleet street.”

It’s an unusual view of the popular Prevas. Bros lunch counter, in that it looks north, away from the market.


(Baltimore Sun photo/Ralph Robinson, Sept. 9, 1964)

This, above, is the more familiar view of the market. If you’re good at rotating objects in space, you can see where the man in the photo above was sitting. This photo shows Broadway Market’s north shed after its cupola and second floor were removed.


(Baltimore Sun photo, George Cook, 1953)

But if it’s iconic you’re looking for, you have to go back to the 1950s, before the sagging second story and cupola were removed, as seen in the picture above.

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